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Brian Head

By Runyu Hu -

Honestly, as a foreigner from the south part of China, Shanghai. I have never seen such pretty snow until I came to Cedar City. I appreciate Cedar City a lot because it brings me different sounds, different food, different people, different culture. I believe the experience of being in Cedar City will be one of the best moments in my life that I will never forget.

With the preference of snow, I start like to go to Brain Head, another small town near

Cedar City. The mountain up there is a perfect natural ski resort. Every year when these beautiful elves come down I can’t help want to go ski. But ski is not easy for a person who has never learned before even danger. While ski is not easy at all for me, the person who never done this sport before. Even danger to risk my life to do it.

Still remember that’s a sunny afternoon. I went to the store next to the Brian Head resort

to get my first ski pants and goggles. I was so excited because I’m gonna go ski. The staff there tell me where to borrow skiboard. They have a ski board and snowboard. I choose snowboard because it looks cooler than the skiboard.

I learned how to play snowboard by myself, I can’t remember how many times I fall on

the ground maybe 33 times, I don’t know. I try to stand up but the snowboard on my legs became so heavy. I feel I’m gonna die up there because I don’t think I can finish it. I use my arms to push myself up and try to keep the balance but no more than two seconds I fall like a fool. It is kind of awkward to fall in front of so many people again and again. While time is passing people are leaving but I tell myself not to give up and go home to cry. I keep trying and trying even it is so painful to fall on the ground. The resort is so long for me I start to think about how likely the resort is compared to a person’s life. If you don’t get through your trouble you will keep trap on it but once you figure it out you will know how joyful it is to face problems and solve it. The more the problem you solve the stronger you can be, like the more you ski the better you can be. With the faith of learning to ski in my head, I start to get better and better.

This year I start getting better than the last year and now I can enjoy the view on the

mountain while skiing. Instead of just focus on how to keep my balance on the snowboard. I can take the picture as much as I want. I was so happy to see the nice view up the mountain and I can challenge the higher mountain in the future. I feel the pictures are so meaningful because that’s the gift from nature, but earned by myself.


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