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Comfort from the Canyon

Updated: May 27, 2020

By Margaret -

The sun has traveled far today,

Mapping out its course.

The sky, a chameleon

Shifting colors every hour.

We rose early,

Stepping over sleeping figures on the trail.

Hiking by the light of the moon until

A pale pink painted the sky.

The canyon walls drip with reds, oranges, and yellows;

Like a spilled palate.

A green Snake windes throughout the length of the canyon,

Trees and shrubs following the Colorado.

Pops of purple prickly pears decorate the landscape

Like dark freckles.

My Brother picks one, skins it, and we take a bite,

Deep, flowery juice dribbling down chins.

A small chalet in Phantom Ranch sells lemonade.

Tart, refreshing, twisting my tongue.

We soak in the river, relishing a short rest.

Fourteen miles to go.

My feet complain

But for the first time in weeks,

Maybe even months,

My brain remains at peace.


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