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Finding Myself Through My Story

Updated: May 27, 2020

By Shaelynn -

This theme of self, community and human values is of great importance to me.  As I was contemplating how to approach this theme I began to really break it down into those three parts. 

First, I began focusing on my perception of myself. I began to think about the things that have made me the person that I am today.  I have been shaped by a variety of situations and circumstances. I have also had the great privilege of being a member of a handful of amazing communities that have molded me in their own unique way. 

As I dug deeper I realized I wasn’t only affected by positive things, I was also molded by the negative things I have experienced in my life. I have personally struggled a lot with mental illness and thinking back I realized that my battle with mental illness has shaped the way I view and present myself today.  I have made a lot of progress since my diagnosis, I am now able to function without the slightest hesitation.

That being said it is still a daily struggle but not one that I go through alone. With my diagnosis I was accepted into a different community than one I had been a part of before. I was accepted into a group of people that suffer silently everyday with feelings of despair, inadequacy, and self doubt. 

In my project, I have depicted myself “drowning” in my thoughts, being pulled down and suffocated by negative feelings. I have also shown that there is light that can pull me out of the water.

Being able to see the positive things that I possess as a person and the communities I belong to can be a breath of fresh air so to speak. This is a very powerful piece and I am so glad I had this platform to share it on.


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