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Dear Professors,

On this page, you'll find various resources created for instructors who would like to incorporate the Tanner Center Student Story Project as an assignments in their courses.

Assignment Guidelines: Guidelines for the instructor and students, including information on the current year's theme

Resources: Additional content that supports the assignment and theme
Media Release: Each student that wishes to have their story shared online must sign this form

Before sending student stories, make sure they include:

- Name and major

- At least 200 words (description if not a written story)

- At least one high quality photo (600x315 or 1200x630)

- Media Release (if story is to be considered for publication on the site)

*Note: All media content should be individually attached to the email 


Send stories to

Submissions based on the 2020 theme, "Building Cultures of Meaning," will be accepted until March 1, 2022.

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