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Finding Community as an Autistic

Updated: May 27, 2020

By Ashlyn -

For so long I was disconnected from people, since my mind has always been an abstract painting, where few people could actually understand and appreciate the multiple colors shapes, and mistakes that formed something new and profound.

However, a new chance gave me that chance to lose that disconnect from a community with a binary color mindset and from there, I found my community that gave me a chance, and that was the people of Cedar City.

They became more than my friends, they became a part of my life as an extended family and I experience so much true living just being around them. That is when you know you found them,when the art that is your mind is able to produce a spark.

A spark! A spark! A community for a spark! As sparks ignite the flames of love, support, and community, The best thing to do is to give back for all that they have done unto myself.

For those things are...

Putting in the profound effort to learn about the paintings of the human mind, accepting every possible body possible, because each is unique with its own story, and spreading the infinite love for the soul that enlightens within every unique individual. Having a sense of community is not only being a part of one, but is truly taking the time to find what connects every beautiful, unique individual to this odd little world that we live in.

Giving back to a community still being a part of one, but to give everyone the understanding and the chance to be respected and heard, regardless of what kind of colors make up the paintings that is their mind, the form that is their body, and the love for the souls in them, the souls that break binaries and create new art for everyone to see and hear.

That is community, and how one should give back to it.


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